To be in relationship is to be human – it’s as intrinsic to our survival as the air that we breathe. Our primal needs to belong, to be of significance, all play out within the fabric of our relationships.  We know ourselves through the knowledge of ourselves in relationship to others.  Neuroscience confirms the imperative forContinue reading “Relationships”

RESTORE – Recognition. Empathy. Safety. Trauma. Opportunity. Relationships. Engagement.

There is widespread RECOGNITION that this pandemic has changed us all and how we view ourselves and our lives. However, everyone’s experience and attitude towards Covid-19 and the subsequent Lockdown has been different and continues to change as we become ever used to our ‘new normal’. The next phase is for us to support each other throughContinue reading “RESTORE – Recognition. Empathy. Safety. Trauma. Opportunity. Relationships. Engagement.”