2. Small Group Circles

Appreciative Inquiry

The Inquire phase of the Appreciative Inquiry methodology lends itself to a framing for the conversations we can meaningfully and usefully have when we come back together.

Example activity:

Working in groups of 3, take 5 minutes for each person to answer these questions. One person asks the questions, one answers and the third person is a witness to the conversation.

Q1       Talk about the moments during the lockdown when you felt most connected with yourself and with the people around you. What was happening? Who was involved/ Why were these moments so important to you?

Q2       During this time, what have you come to realise that you value…

…about yourself?

…about (your) life?

…about your work? / …about our school?

Q3       If you had one wish for what happens now that we are back together as a school, what would that wish be?

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